New Type of Supplements to Replace Steroids

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The major negative aspects of using steroids are to be considered as follows, lower testosterone, addiction and Bigorexia. The study found that the lower testosterone is one of the main consequences of having steroid as a complement of health fitness. The actual function of steroid into the body is that it reduces the naturally segregated testosterone levels. Normally, the production level of testosterone ranges from 25 to 75% in which these levels reduced once steroid accumulated into the body. In some conditions, there might be normal testosterone produced in body would be lower which lead to least the threshold level. As a result of this, the naturally producing hormone ability could be reduced of using exogenous hormones throughout the body. Hence, the truth about SARMS is that it will never allow increasing the level of testosterone directly. The second side effect of using steroid is addiction in which it results like other drug. So the study finalized that the steroids also having addiction properties. Finally, the Bigorexia is the medical term used which cause mental health defect. Continue reading